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3rd Aug 2023

Three weeks away from home makes for a very pleasant month, not least because we were able to read about Rome sweltering from afar.

17th Jul 2021

Leaves emerging from the surviving tip of the large frangipani

This has been a good week for excellent news on the plant front, quite apart from no deaths taking place while we were away. An orchid and the big frangipani are showing renewed signs of life.

4th Jul 2021

Slightly delayed, this time, by departure for holiday on the last of the month and then taking three days to get to the point where it would be OK to sit in front of a screen again.

2nd May 2021

It is extremely galling that as soon as one has committed to learning something new, one is immediately flooded with unavoidable paid work that prevents one from putting the new stuff into practice. As a result, one may as well not have bothered.

24th Jul 2010

Actually been back a little while, frantically catching up and trying to cope with too much heat, too much humidity and not enough (or any) escape. Apart from work, where the a/c is about the best that can be said for the experience. So, as the previous post was all about the magic frangipani's near-death experience and resurrection, I'll make this a quick what's happening on the terrace post.

Single frangipani leaf

16th Jun 2010

Almost a month after I decapitated the magic frangipani, signs of life.

Tiny leaves from an axillary bud of a Plumeria

Four or five of the axillary buds have swelled and given forth tiny little leaves.

More tiny leaves emerging from a Plumeria axillary bud

Is there enough time left for it to build up its reserves for another hard winter?

16th May 2010

Long-time readers will doubtless be wondering what has become of my beloved magic frangipani. The news, alas, is not good.

Tip of a frangipani branch with withered leaves hanging down from it

I noticed some time ago that it wasn’t flourishing. Some kind of soft rot seemed to be attacking the smaller shoots. I cut off the worst bits, and hoped that the rest woul...

3rd Sep 2009

Frangipani blossoms

It’s been an exciting week. Monday night, the frangipani blossoms first opened, and I almost pitched myself over the parapet trying to photograph them. When the leaves first stirred I remarked that they were early and how wonderful it would be if the flowers were early too, so The Squeeze could...

22nd Jun 2009

... if you like your excitement slow and gradual. So slow and gradual, in fact, that it has taken a week to get round to recording it.

Back in April I recorded that the magic frangipani’s leaves had started to stir around 21 March. Boasting about this with Simon the Gardener, who has forgotten m...

12th Apr 2009

Frangipani branch tip with very small leaves.jpg The magic frangipani made it through its second winter. Almost three weeks ago, in fact, I noticed that the leaves had started to unfurl, and a little bit of me unfurled too. I took the photo there and then, on 21 March, but it sat in the camera until today and the trunk sat in the passage-way un...

27th Jun 2008

Tight flower puds on the frangipani.jpg Longtime readers will know that I am a patient gardener. Not for me the flashy allure of a large pot of instant floral gratification. I like to sow seeds, wait for them to emerge, pot them on, savour the passing time and the growth of the plant towards its final destiny. But even I suffer from bo...

16th May 2008

The winter here at Monteverde Mansions has been a little anxious in at least one regard. Just after we moved in late last autumn, knowing of my passion for them, dear friends gave me a fine, sturdy little frangipani. It even had leaves. All I had to do was see it through the winter and maybe, just m...

15th Jan 2007

They buried my father today, and it was OK. Well. It was a lot better than I feared, but probably worse than he feared. His fears no longer matter. That's the thing about funerals. They are perhaps the only one of life's rituals that matter not one bit to the central person. Funerals are for the living.

26th Sep 2006

Frangipani flowers, pale pink with a light yellow centre It seems such a no-brainer. Add geographical information to your photos, upload them to Flickr, and Lo!, you can bore the world with a map showing where they were taken. OK, it needs a few gizmos and some software, but all that was an utter doddle compared to the bit that ought to be easy.

I sent...