It is extremely galling that as soon as one has committed to learning something new, one is immediately flooded with unavoidable paid work that prevents one from putting the new stuff into practice. As a result, one may as well not have bothered.

Highlights of the month:

  • The mealworm farm died
  • Discovered Toyko Stories and Shtisel on Netflix, both emminently watchable
  • Bad news for the big frangipani outside; all the tips seem dead
  • No sign of chilli pepper seeds sowed 4 weeks ago
  • But everything else is doing fine
  • Started a redesign of the ETP site
  • But didn’t really move forward on Johnny Decimal
  • Eat This Newsletter 150 published
  • Made some elderflower cordial


It has become increasingly obvious to me that the bleeding pandemic has had more of an effect on me than I care to recognise. Moving away from people approaching me, especially when their mask is slipping, not hanging around indoors when I don’t have to, that sort of thing. And, most notably, when The Main Squeeze mentioned that a movie we both want to see is on at an actual cinema, my instant reaction was “no”. I just do not want to sit indoors for a couple of hours, no matter how far apart we are from other people. Perhaps I’ll feel differently when I have had my second shot, five weeks from now, but perhaps not.

As far as activities go, then, not much to report.


  • Walking with sticks: 0
  • Reading: 23
  • Steps (avge): 9943
  • Podcasts: 49 (42 of them logged)
  • In bed/asleep 8:41/7:38
  • 7 Minutes: 12 days; alternating 2 cycles moderate and 3 cycles cardio blast.
  • Weight (avge): 86.0
  • Naps 8


  • Walking with sticks: 0
  • Reading: 22
  • Steps (avge): 10,468
  • Podcasts: 45 (41 of them logged)
  • In bed/asleep 8:27/7:32
  • 7 Minutes: 14 days; alternating 2 cycles moderate and 3 cycles cardio blast.
  • Weight (avge): 86.4


It carried on carrying on and, as you may have gathered, really did keep me from doing some things I would really have preferred to be doing. Even now, on a Sunday afternoon, having done two things for myself, I’m conscious that tomorrow I have to deliver something else and a part of me wants to start that so I get a jump on tomorrow.

Must. Resist.

Hours logged per month

Percent of logged hours: 2021

Previous years are on an archive page.


Five new posts, but no old ones. I was pleased with myself for finally having gotten around to writing The truth about farro. I confess it would be nice to see it being linked to, but I’m not holding my breath.


I would just be repeating myself.

Final remarks

The value of taking the time to put references into bibliographic software amply demonstrated when I had to do a complete reformat to submit to a different journal. Which rejected the paper with alacrity. So the value of etc. will be amply demonstrated next week to, as I reformat to submit to etc.

Here's the table

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Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Other %
04 166.1 5.75 39 16 45
03 173.3 5.59 38 19 43
02 155.7 5.59 32 25 43
2021-01 168.5 5.62 43 17 40

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