Blog carnivals are a good way of finding interesting items and blogs worth revisiting. The flip side of that is that they can be a good way of attracting new readers. Too often I forget about the first point while focussed on the first. So here’s a tribute to Berry-go-round, which I hope brought us some readers over at the other place.

seedsaside has some fascinating stuff. Flowers with a calyx that holds water are much less likely to be parasitized by a moth that destroys their sexual structures. Good reason to take a bath, no? There's also a little seed identity parade, but don't read the comments if you want to play.

And at The Beagle Project blog, mention of an exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden of Darwin's Garden. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the garden at Down House, although the blog entry waxes more lyrical about the notebooks on display than about the garden. Does it include the Sandwalk? And how about the boulder being buried by earthworms?

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