Strange but true. Last quarter I wrote “Getting the data out was easier too, having written myself an aide-memoire”. Could I find it this quarter? Of course not. Still, the basics were reasonably easy to recall. I really do want to improve the way I deal with the months of a quarter. I know there is a better way, I just have not made it a priority to implement the better way. Because, good enough.

Anyway, here we are.

Bicycle rides 2024

  • Q1 — 9 rides totalling 241 km; 26.8 km per ride. Less than one a week, alas, but distance is encouraging.

Other transport 2024 Q1

Figure containing four bar graphs for main modes of transport. Text contains details

Changes from last time include:

  • Less train, more car.
  • A lot more bicycle.
  • Not much change in median distance.

These comparisons are less than satisfactory, and I would like to think about other ways of looking at trends over time and averages without getting too much into the weeds over things like seasonal differences.

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