In fact let me point out right now a factually incorrect statement that has obviously been put there with malice, in a place where you need technical skills in linguistics to spot it. In the [Wikipedia] article on renegade AIDS researcher Peter Duesberg, a pronunciation is given after Professor Duesberg's surname, in IPA phonetic script. Only the pronunciation shown is not the one for Duesberg, but the one for douche bag. (See why everyone should learn at least the IPA?) That's the sort of minor sabotage you do get on Wikipedia (one can imagine the prank might have been the work of a gay activist who's taken a phonetics class). But even there, the rest of the article seems accurate.

By now, of course, the entry has probably been changed. But that doesn't diminish the joy of one person sharing their expertise while skewering another attempting to do the same.

p.s. 21 September 2017: If I were doing this now, I'd have taken a screenshot. But then again, Wikipedia may let me see the history and the change ...

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