Ravello through the rain

We spent a wonderful weekend at Ravello, on the Amalfi coast, gorgeous despite rain on and off all day Saturday. Among the delights, one of the best menu manglings ever.

Menu photo

We didn't try that, having been tempted instead by a local pasta, whose name I inconveniently forgot to note, and the plain grilled sea bass.

Among other delights, visits to the Villa Cimbrone and, even more thrilling, to Gore Vidal's home at La Rondinaia. Further documentation will have to wait.

But the really deep thought is this: why is it that on a narrow urban street, designed for maybe two lanes of traffic in either direction, Italians will somehow use three, while on a broad stretch of motorway, with three fine lanes available, all the traffic will be in the leftmost lane, while the right will be empty?

Don't even attempt an answer; there isn't one.

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