MarsEdit Icon.jpg That’s it. I’m officially calling it off. My long-standing love affair with ecto is officially over. ecto is what is known as a third-party blogging client. A bit like email software, it lets you write a blog post while offline and then upload it when you’re happy with it. Last night it ate a long post that had consumed me for more than an hour and with which I was satisfied. It wasn’t the first time, not by a long chalk. in fact, ecto has been increasingly flaky of late, and it was probably because I was quite absorbed in the post that I didn’t do my (almost) customary select-all-copy. Anyway, that's all history. I’ve transferred my allegiance to MarsEdit, which may not be as slick as ecto, but which also hasn’t eaten anything yet. And the developer seems to be a good person and is very responsive. We shall see.

The icon’s cool too.

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