If we want the land to be cared for, then we must have people living on and from the land who are able and willing to care for it.
Wendell Berry, in his essay Private Property and the Common Wealth, 1995

A propos recent discussions here and elsewhere about the need to have some skin in the game, one should of course add “political expediency” to Gary’s list of “duty, sentiment or whatever” as reasons why sustainability must come from within.

This not very original insight was prompted by a super post by Julie over at Human Flower Project, looking at land reform in Africa, at least partially through the lens of flower exports. She's the one who added Marx to the mix. And she observes that there are glimmers of hope and reasons to be cheerful, as people with both a stake in their enterprise and access to the various capitals they need, get on and do it.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the post.

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