I've realized of late that posting to my own blog is probably one of the most elastic tasks I have. If there's time, I do it. If there isn't, I don't. But I do at least fret about not posting. Sometimes.

One problem is that the primary cause of my current lack of both time and motivation is out of bounds for moaning. I have promised the powers that be that I won't discuss my work on my blog, it being far easier to self-censor than to explain. So I won't even indulge in a little Roman a clef and disguise names to protect the guilty. Let's just say that life is not entirely smooth at present.

There's been something on my mind too, to write about. To do with agricultural subsidies and such. But it is just going to have to wait.

I also still have some stuff to figure out on the geek front, like fixing the style for comments and working up a photo gallery. Or perhaps that could stay where it is? Dunstan had a really interesting post about making links more usable 1 that might merit some playing with.

  1. 11 September 2016: The link is not dead, but the page contains no content. It was about Fitt's Law, which is mostly intuitive, but is interesting to see spelled out, and which continues to guide me in making links longer rather than shorter. Good to know too that I've updated my post here, even if Gruber hasn't bothered.. 

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