Nuns running

In the course of my previous couple of posts I faced a huge mystery. Google “what is the proper name for a nun's headdress” and you won‘t be much the wiser. At least, unlike Robert Browning, I know that it isn’t a twat. “Veil” is the best I could come up, thanks to the OED via Google Books.

Screenshot of dictionary definition of veil

“Taking the veil” is a phrase I had come across, but somehow the idea of a veil being behind the head was not part of my understanding. I’ve always thought of a veil as covering the face; Not necessarily the eyes, but the face definitely. The Jewish Temple bit I had no idea about, nor do I really want to know as much as I possibly could. But the idea of a concealing veil, a veil that can be unveiled, that made sense.

So I’m left with nun’s headdress. Unless you know better.

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