Part of my recent physical, office-adjacent spring clean was to look at the various spinning hard drives lying around the place. One represented an aborted attempt to add big-time file storage to my Raspberry Pi, abandoned because I just don’t need that.1 A big USB stick is all I really need for file-sharing. Another proved to be hidden treasure, with quite a few things I thought I had lost and even more that I had forgotten ever having, but it is a mess. Sorting out the contents is going to take a fair amount of brain power, so I’m tempted to follow BSAG and seize the opportunity to implement the newly groovy Johnny.Decimal organizational system.

In the past, I’ve usually scorned people who try to use their puny human brains to organise stuff on their computers. Why bother, when lightning fast search will find what you need? If, that is, you can remember something — anything — about what it is you’re looking for. And that’s still true. But it also helps to have things that are like one another near one another, in conceptual space as in real life. So I do already have a bunch of what are effectively topic folders, nested under big-topic folders. With that in mind, maybe making it even easier to find an entire topic or sub-topic is not such a bad idea.

  1. If you would like to offer any amount of coin for a lightly used, very groovy, S+arck LaCie 1TB drive, let me know. 

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