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Is one internet presence better than several?

The insoluble mystery -- is one home on the internet better than several -- continues to puzzle me. It came up in discussion on ADN, without any resolution. The reason I have several homes is that perhaps people who are interested in bread aren't interested in podcasts, and vice versa, while maybe people who come here aren't interested in either.

So a while ago I resolved to maintain those separate presences, and to use this place as the kind of mother ship, where I can do things that are neither bread nor podcasting and also briefly mention things I've done elsewhere. But I have also neglected to do that last thing. I am resolved to change that.

So, over at Fornacalia, there's a recipe for a kalonji and raisin bread that I invented last week to try and jounce me out of my current bread-baking rut.

And at Eat This Podcast, a week ago I interviewed Colin Khoury about the The Global Standard Diet.

I've also changed what both those sites look like, with more or less success.

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