For some reason not entirely clear to me, I keep slogging away to bring a bunch of old blog posts into my latest engine. Some of the old ones are entering their third or fourth relationship with a CMS, and just aren't up for it, but I keep hammering away. Just a completionist obsession, I suppose.

Anyway, for the record, I've finished 2004.


And what I've learned is that a lot of old links have indeed died completely or turned into entirely dodgy gateways to who knows what. Some of those the Wayback Machine captured, and if I thought it was really worthwhile, I sought the information there. Mostly, though, I let the dead rest.

A few of those long-gone links remain, however, and it one of those, from my first blog post of 2005, that I am choosing to celebrate here.

A friend has brightened up my entire new year with a simple message:

I kNow I'm probably the last person to see this, but
I still think it's so hilarious...

This, is this, and it is indeed hilarious.

I had another look. Maybe not "hilarious". But certainly faintly amusing.

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