In the course of talking about and writing up Setting my marginalia free I took advice from other people who've done the same sort of thing. One of them has a link to buy the book he's talking about on Amazon, and of course it is an affiliate link. That means if you buy the book by visiting Amazon after visiting Eddie's site, he gets a small percentage of the price you pay. Better yet, it comes direct from Amazon, not from you, the purchaser. Even better still, if you buy anything at all from Amazon after coming from an affiliate link, not necessarily the thing that was linked, the affiliate gets a bit of that too.1

After thrashing the ethics of affiliate linking back and forth a bit I think there was general agreement that as long as you were genuinely recommending the things you linked to, it couldn't hurt. I like the way Chris Aldrich put it:

At best it puts a small dent in web hosting.

So I'm going to start offering affiliate links here. I won't be getting rich, but it will help to offset expenses, a bit like Patreon does for Eat This Podcast.

  1. At least, that's my understanding. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

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