Blue Girl In a Red State had me in a bit of a lather with a post about how she could avoid shopping if she gave (or didn’t give; it wasn’t at all clear to begin with) her hubby Shag Buns. Being a squeeky clean sorta gal from somewhere or other, she had no idea that the juxtaposition of “shag” and “buns” would, to a Brit who also speaks a bit of ’Murcan, immediately suggest certain activities involving hot dogs. I wasn’t the first to say so in the comments, but this thing has got out of hand. Now Blue Girl is angling for Shag Buns: The Movie, or at the very least Shag Buns the small independent video that might be picked up by Colbert and made fun of.

I did point out to Blue Girl that I still had the most Googlejuice for my fine post on “funny thing with mens privets spinning”. Now we all have to help her stay on top of her Shag Buns.

Uh oh. I see that there’s a hardcore search site sucking up my words at No. 2. Nothing I can do about that. But at No. 3 is something altogether weirder that I may need to try and do something about.

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