I’m not generally up to date on all the political blogging that’s going on out there. Much of it is very good, some pretty petty, and in aggregate, for an ex-pat with no place to vote -- what do you do when politics is reduced to “fascist is better than queer”? -- not all that relevant.1

Occasionally, however, one strikes the mother lode. I just struck it, over on Lance Mannion’s blog.

To put it simply, if you are for freedom you don’t vote for the party that gives a feckless and vindictive President permission to spy on any American he wants whenever he wants.

If you are for hard work and responsibility and the virtues of thrift, prudence, self-denial and self-sacrifice, you don’t vote for the party whose leadership excuses themselves, their children, and their rich friends from all of those things while letting them loot the treasury and the country of all the wealth earned by the rest of us.

If you are for freedom to worship you don’t vote for the party that would let an ignorant minority impose its warped idea of Christianity on the rest of us.

Read the rest here.

  1. 2022-03-13: Not the original link, which was to Reuters. 

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