Start: 95.4 Last week: 89.7 This week: 88.2
Tuesday 13 March: Totally skipped a week last week. No idea why. Just seemed too dull to post about yet another period of fluctuating up and down a bit. Not that things have been that much more exciting over the past seven days either. A couple of interesting observations on snacking to share. One is that when I first started on Shangri-La, I really had absolutely no desire to snack, which was both odd and revelatory. These days, I often do feel like nibbling a little something. But I have to be really careful because I still get sated on a couple of handfuls of olives or a small bowl of peanuts and raisins. If I’m not socializing, and don’t have leftovers to deal with, a portion of olives is easily enough of an evening. Too often lately though, it has been “as well as” rather than “instead of”.

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