Added some new letters to my name: FCD. That’s Friends of Charles Darwin. Not sure what good this will do me, but I’m proud to say it loud: I’m godless and proud. And it sits well alongside my ministry in the Universal Life Church. I bought that back in the Silurian, having taken umbrage at idiots who had somehow obtained a PhD in biochemistry and who thought that qualified them as palaeontologists. If Duane was going to wave his PhD at me, I thought, I’ll wave my Rev. right back at him and his hordes. And I did, in a couple of pieces and a few debates. There was an organisation called APE, the Association for the Protection of Evolution (Heavens to Betsy, google The Internet Archive is great) that set out to hound the UK’s creationists, and I occasionally lent a hand. But I gave it up as not worth the candle.

I haven’t seen my sustificate of reverendship in a while -- very tasteful it was too -- but in my heart. although, alas, not on the website of the ULC, I know my name is writ in the good book: The Rev. Jeremy Cherfas, PhD, FCD, ETC. Read it and giggle.

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