I’m impressed. Very impressed. I had been wondering how (or even whether, if it was difficult) to get blog posts out of my static site and into WP. Turns out to be a doddle, given the combined cojones of Tinderbox and WP. I created a new template for TB to export an RSS file. And I import that into WP. Basta!

There was a glitch or two to begin with, promptly addressed in the WP support forums, which was probably something to do with the timestamp. But I’ve just done another test of a post that contains images and that worked just fine. It doesn’t, however, put any kind of wrapper round the image, which is something I may want to do. But I can surely do that in the templates. I hope so. The file as exported needs a bit of mangling, to get rid of excess mark-up and to find and replace the URLs of any images. But in essence the problem is solved.

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