Continuing my occasional efforts to bring old posts in, top of the logs yesterday was this post from 2006: Indefensible. And that started off referring to two earlier posts on the same topic, Gurt big confusion and Gene flow ... again. So I had to deal with all three.1

They are about a technique called Genetic Use Restriction Technology. It is intended to stop seeds, especially genetically modified seeds, from germinating. I reckoned that should have been a good thing. People opposed to GMOs opposed it, even though (or because?) it would neutralise one of their objections.

Nothing seems to have changed in the intervening 14 years, except that GURT's Wikipedia page has grown quite a lot. And I never did hear back from that "journalist".

  1. Today, I probably wouldn't bother; back then a small part of me still thought truth mattered. 

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