How odd, to find, on the very same day, at two of the blogs I visit whenever they have something to offer, this:

Oooooh, look, I can spin in really tiny circles, and I can glide backwards while grabbing my leg and sticking it in my ear, and I can gesticulate balletically with my graceful arms while grinning like a gargoyle...

And this:

How we have evolved from dragging our hairy knuckles on the ground to something so useless and beautiful as figure skating moves me to no end; ski jumping thrills me (and I guess that being Canadian requires me to defend the sheer broominess of curling).

One’s from Neddie and one’s from Open Brackets, but I’m not saying. I’ve also done a little judicious editing by omission. From both. Mostly because I have no idea what either is talking about.

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