Start: 95.4 Last week: ? This week: 93.3

This morning’s weight was totally scary, almost back where I started from. A wake-up call, and a reminder that the Shangri La Diet really isn’t a diet, it is more a way of life. You have to have those flavourless calories to maintain appetite suppression. At least, I do. Or course, more than three weeks in the land of the super-sized didn’t help, nor did the gluttony on the flights home and subsequent issues related to lack of fibre. But I must get on top of this again, and this public self-humiliation is the best way to do so, even though it has been more than 18 months since I last felt the need to overshare in this way.

The odd thing is that the appetite suppression really does work; I just need to give myself permission to listen to it. I restarted rice oil 36 hours ago, This morning, both neighbourhood bars were firmly shut (I love Rome in August) and I had no time at the station bar. So no brekkie at all, not even the milk in a cappucino. I didn’t feel hungry enough to eat until 3 pm. That’s the secret, to be selfish about eating (or not eating) alone. (That could even provide an opportunity, while travelling, to try nose-clipping.)

One of the first things I did on getting home was to awaken the sleeping sourdough.. Now it is going to take me forever to finish the two terrific loaves that emerged from the oven a couple of hours ago.

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