Something untoward has happened to the PHP script I built to retrieve my podcast listening history from Overcast. It is failing to retrieve both the summary and the image from Overcast. The error I am seeing is file_get_contents(): Failed to enable crypto which seems to suggest that the problem might just possibly be this root certificate snafu that seems to have affected a lot of sites and that I, of course, don't fully understand.

I've asked Marco Arment whether there is a problem he knows of. In the meantime, I wonder whether this might now be the time to use the original Python script on which I modelled my efforts to cement my so-far mainly theoretical knowledge of Python a bit. That could be an excellent, practical, learning exercise. The big change would be the method of posting.

CleverDevil uses the native Micropub abilities of his CMS, Known. I currently create the folder and file that my CMS, Grav, requires. A while ago I did fiddle with attempting to implement Micropub for Grav but gave it up as too difficult. If I try again, I ought to do that first, otherwise I'll just get the Python script working by creating the files itself and give up on Micropub, even though a working Micropub would offer all sorts of extra possibilities. Or I could send Listens to my Known-powered stream.

Decisions, decisions.

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