Mr Peanut.png I may just have died and gone to heaven. Over at another place where bakers hang out I was extolling the virtue's of Dan Lepard's Black Pepper Rye and my tiny difficulty with the recipe when who should pop up but Mr Lepard hisself. Among other things, he said "It's very good toasted with peanut butter".

As someone who regularly grinds a smidgen of black pepper onto his peanut butter sandwiches, this was almost more than I could stand. It made perfect sense. But, as I moaned, good peanut butter isn't that easy to find in Italy. Up popped Ms Mini Oven to tell me how easy it was to make my own. I Googled around a bit, and most recipes were indeed chidlishly simple, but seemed to require an honest-to-god food processor, whereas I have but one of those silly little stick things. Surely the little stick motor wouldn't have the muscle to butter peanuts?

But it did. And, oh, is Dan ever right. The Main Squeeze walked in just as I popped one trial slice of bread under the grill, and we both agreed that fresh, home made peanut butter on freshly toasted Black Pepper Rye may just possibly be the earthly equivalent of foie gras to the sound of trumpets.

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