Overland is a lovely iPhone app made by aaronpk that tracks your location (strictly, your phone's location). A little while ago, I noticed that it was skipping a lot of locations. I wondered about this, reset one or two things, and was pleased to see it start working again as I expected.

The only problem with Overland is that it can be a bit of a battery hog. When it is running, I frequently need to top up the charge by the early evening. Yesterday, I realised that I had not had to top it up for a couple of days. Checking, I saw that it was once again skipping a huge number of locations. Then I remembered that on Saturday, we had been out and about and I did not have a chance to top up the charge, as a result of which the phone switched itself off. I recharged the phone overnight, as usual. Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday, very few locations tracked. After quitting and relaunching yesterday, lots of additional locations tracked.

So, is there some kind of issue whereby if the phone runs out of charge, Overland goes into some power-saving mode from which it does not recover when the charge is restored? Only one way to find out: I shall let my phone run out again today and see what happens tomorrow. I’ll add the results to the issue I have raised.

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