This is going to be a rant. About language, words and meanings. I know, I know; language is a living, breathing, dying thing, and I should just deal with it. But for a word that had its barmitzvah ( only last year (shortly after its day in court) "blog" is getting me hot under the collar.1

Not the verb, to blog. Nor the noun for, as one early adopter put it, "a webpage with new entries placed at the top, updated frequently". 2 But the bastardised form of the noun seen so frequently these days in phrases such as "I wrote a blog about my cat's most recent furball," in which blog has come to mean "post" or "blog post".

(You think I'm kidding, don't you?)

By all means blog about cat furballs in general. But each thing you write, each entry the newest of which is at the top, is a surely a post or a blog post. There is nothing to be gained, no letters saved, no nuanced meaning, for using "blog" as both the container and the things it contains. If anything, it confuses old pedants like me.

So just stop it, willya?

  1. 2021-07-30: I have absolutely no recollection as to why I would link to a PDF from the Indian Academy of Sciences to attest to the first use of “weblog” but I did, and of course I cannot find any trace of whatever it was on the IAS website. Not that I really care. 

  2. I've been busy. 

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