Of course one creates just for the pleasure of it, with no audience other than oneself in mind.1 And yet, having an actual audience of living, breathing people interested enough in what one has created to give it some of their precious currency is a wonderful reward and a spur to action. When the currency was specie, we called persuading people to part with it marketing. Now that the currency is attention, I'm not sure I can think of a better word, even though it conjures up far too many negative images. A while ago, I resolved to do more of it. The holidays gave me an opportunity to tidy up and make it easier.

The problem is to put my work in front of people, and that is especially difficult for the podcasts. A written piece, an image, anything visual, you can take a quick glance at and decide, perhaps wrongly, whether to give it more attention. Audio, and even video, takes more a more committed decision. So I need to think about how best to spread the word.

  1. And if you believe that ... 

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