A weekend spent doing DIY has raised a couple of issues. First off, the paralysis of choice. Having worked out exactly what I needed before I went, why did it take me about 3 hours at the DIY superstore to buy the shelving? Secondly, do I need a CD cabinet? (Yeah, momentous stuff.) The point is that I have something like 2.5 linear metres of CDs and many more at my ex-home. And they look like crap on the shelves I put up. I also have a big hard disk (and a little iPod), which could be pressed into service to meet all my music needs. I'd have to do some ripping, and that's not going to happen until I have internet access at home. Type all those titles? No way. But there remains something satisfying about reading, neck bent, a length of CD spines in search of something that matches my mood. It isn't as satisfying as flipping through a bunch of LP covers, not nearly, but I'm no luddite. Anyway, that's the dilemma. Find an affordable, non-naff CD cabinet. Or embrace iTunes for everything.

Sunday was odd. The city authorities had banned all car traffic, to try and reduce the smog. So the streets were eerily empty although, this being Italy, there were also a fair few cars taking their chances with an edict that was clearly meant, like all laws here, for somebody else.

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