2022-01-21: I’m bringing this post in absolutely untouched just to remind myself of the foolishness that once passed for erudition on the internet. Those A-listers? Every one of the links is dead.

A bunch of A-listers have created the blog equivalent of a circle jerk. In search of the best blonde joke ever you click on a link, say this one. That sends you round the circle, here. Still no payoff, but hey, keep clicking. And round again. Eventually -- oh blessed cathartic relief -- you end up on a blank page!


Reminiscent of that old one, about how do you keep a __ (insert member of other community that you wish to denigrate here) amused for hours? Give him a piece of paper with P.T.O. written on both sides.

How we laughed.

Later ... turns out it wasn't the A-listers who did it. and it isn't a joke at all. It is a serious effort at internetworknodeanalysis. Really! I am SO out of the loop it hurts.

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