A Ken Loach comedy? For the first half hour or so that seemed unlikely in the extreme. Oh sure, there were laughs as the Voice of God tried to prevent a harmless drunk falling under a fast-approaching train. But as the beak sentenced the four stars to community service, and awful sudden violence rained down, I had my doubts. Quite suddenly, though, The Angels' Share left gritty reality behind and crossed the border into comedy heist land, complete with kilt jokes, almost cock-up and nail-biter hearts-of-gold ending. Very entertaining. And seeing a VW camper trundling through the Trossachs with The Proclaimers at 11 took me back a few years, to trundling through the Trossachs in a VW camper with The Proclaimers at 11.

Paul Brannigan -- Criminal Angel Mastermind -- gives an excellent performance, and is rumoured to have a part in Sunshine on Leith, which also features music by The Proclaimers. That'll be one to watch out for too.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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