To a sushi party last night, at Bobo's new gaff. (That's him on the left with Fräulein Julia, mugging their favorite movie.) I've always complained that Italian food is perhaps the most conservative I've ever come across. And I've heard the usual explanation: when something is perfect, why tinker? OK. But that doesn't explain why, by and large, with all the usual caveats, Italians themselves also seem to be conservative in their food habits.

Bobo, naturally, is an exception. And the homemade sushi were exceptional too. It was good to get a wasabi kick in the back of the nose and then ease the joyful pain with a glass of Monster Killer sake. Two great things I learned last night. One is that there is a Korean grocery near Stazione Termini that stocks all kinds of goodies. The other is that chocolate cake with a white chocolate and wasabi cream icing is really delicious. Not quite as good a combination as chocolate and chilli, but up there, for sure.

P.S. 1 January 2016: Of course, the wasabi probably wasn't really wasabi.

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