Velociraptors, killer gorillas, chip-headed cyborgs, gunslinging robots, cannibal Neanderthals, Demi Moore -- these are the sort of things Hollywood knows how to make frightening.

I’ve never read any Michael Crichton. I doubt I ever will. But I liked Oliver Morton’s appreciation. At least I liked what I could read of it. Morton has those cool Snap Preview thingies on his blog, and it seems to me that they’re always in the way of the really cool stuff there, which is his writing.1 So I said so and Oliver, democratic to the end, said he would, if other people felt strongly.

So go ahead, make my day, vote against little preview windows, wherever you may find them. Heliophage is just the start.

  1. Previews are a perfect example of something being done because it could be. They serve no useful purpose whatsoever, and are an abomination on the site of usability. If I want to know where a link goes, I'll glance down at the bottom left corner of my browser and see. A tooltip isn't quite so objectionable, because it doesn't take up quite so much real-estate.  

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