Recently I came across a website called The Eclectic Light Company, which is one of those places that you cannot believe you hadn't visited before. I can't remember who first linked to it, but it is catnip to me; geeky Mac stuff plus a wide appreciation of art and painting, it quickly won a place in my reader and I look forward to it daily.

All of which is by way of a throat-clearing justification for this post.

Skipping through the archive, and what an archive it is, I came across The Story in Paintings: Elihu Vedder and recognised the featured image as one I had seen before, gazing down the main staircase in the Library of Congress. I had been absolutely captivated by the decor of the Thomas Jefferson Building when I visited, and took a fair few photos myself. That, and a sort of rennaissance of Flickr, prompted me to look them out and share them there. Then I discovered that it was no longer easy to embed a Flickr slideshow on my website, so I went looking for a plugin, found one and quickly and easily got it working more or less to my satisfaction here.

I'm still undecided whether I prefer tiled thumbnails or a slider, but that is easy enough to change. I do have a niggle, which is that presenting information about the photos is a bit topsy-turvy at the moment, but I have raised an issue with the plugin maker and may try to fix it myself when I get a moment.

Much more to the point, Howard Oakley has assembled an astonishing resource, one that will keep me occupied for hours and hours and that has already prodded me to turn up the heat on a little project that has been on the back burner for longer than I care to remember.

Truly, the internet can be a place of wonders.

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