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Episode summary: David talks to economist and author Noreena Hertz about loneliness and its impact on all our lives. How does the experience of loneliness shape contemporary democracy? What kind of politics could make us feel more connected? Can technology bring us together or is it driving us further apart? Plus we discuss the consequences of the pandemic for the future of work and the possibility of building a better world. Loneliness has been rising among young people over recent years: 3 in 5 18-34 year olds feel lonely often or sometimes; nearly a half of 10-15 year olds. - Lockdown has likely exacerbated these numbers. - So much of the interaction between young people is online; parents can’t see the exclusion. Loneliness is political as well as personal, social as well as economic. - Exclusion and marginalisation are also forms of loneliness. - Can loneliness bridge generational divides? - In the pandemic, we are all sharing a negative experience—will this produce solidarity or divisions? What solutions do politicians…

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