This I got to hear.

Bruce Stovel championed Jane Austen studies and blues music with equal measures of expertise and passion. The outpouring of affection at the celebration of Bruce's life and at a subsequent musical tribute inspired the plan for a book that would celebrate Bruce as teacher, Austen scholar, and blues aficionado. Jane Austen Sings the Blues gathers essays by established Austen scholars (Margaret Drabble, Isobel Grundy, Juliet McMaster, and Peter Sabor) and some of his exemplary students, together with blues lyrics, poetry, and memoir. The companion CD features some of Bruce's favourite blues performers (Ann Rabson, Maurice John Vaughn, Graham Guest, and many others).

This Saturday on Natch'l Blues, Holger Petersen will be speaking with Nora Stovel, Grant Stovel and Graham Guest about the release of the book and accompanying CD. The program will include tracks from the CD, readings from the book and memories of Bruce Stovel

It'll be broadcast from CKUA -- the University of Alberta's radio network -- on 12 September from 3 pm to 5 pm Alberta time. I'd give a link, but the site uses frames and I can't figure out how.

2021-09-11: The book is still around, but I never did manage to hear it, and cannot for the life of me track it down. Maybe Grant Stovel knows of a copy?

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