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16th Sep 2022

Episode summary: Treetop antennas, a witness from history and a dialogue with a loudspeaker - Josie Long presents short radio docs and adventures in sound inspired by broadcasts into the ether. From the forests of North Carolina, USA to the city of Kyiv, Ukraine - two ham radio enthusiasts seek each...

4th Mar 2020

Just another month, really, which has flown by. There've been some warm harbingers of spring and some icy, damp reminders of winter. Paid work has been fine, although I seem to have lost control of keeping my podcast pipeline flowing. A bit more deliberately active. Covid-19 had no impact on the month, although I have had to cancel one brief trip in March.

22nd Feb 2020

Continuing my occasional efforts to bring old posts in, top of the logs yesterday was this post from 2006: Indefensible. And that started off referring to two earlier posts on the same topic, Gurt big confusion and Gene flow ... again. So I had to deal with all three.1

5th Jun 2009

Aglaia Kremezi has the straight dope on Greek yoghurt.1 The stuff she ate as a child was not thick and creamy. Imagine that! If thick and creamy was required for a dish of, say, tzatziki, her family strained it specifically. That’s a relief; I can carry on with my home made stuff, straining if I...

16th May 2006

Oh, the sweet sound of clashing cultures. Ventria Inc. is trying to make a drug that could help save the lives of children who contract diarrhoea, a major killer in the developing world. Good, right? Wrong, because they are making it by engineering a human gene into plants such as rice. And that h...

18th Mar 2006

How long is it reasonable to wait for a reply from a journalist? In an email age, and when an inky wretch has a corporate @ddress, is half a week long enough?

Three days ago I wrote to one such, who had taken up the pen against Terminator technology (new readers, see here and here.) She had said:

3rd Mar 2006

In my previous post I tried to expose what I think is a huge logical inconsistency at the heart of some arguments against genetically engineered plants. I did so, however, using a very abbreviated argument that, I now see, could only be easily followed by those who know the subject. And that was foolish because those who already know the subject are not the people I hoped would read the post.

1st Mar 2006

A little conundrum. One of the worries of campaigners against genetic engineering of crops is that genes stuck into plants will escape and create, for example, superweeds. You don't need genetic engineering to achieve this, of course, but it helps. Along comes a technology that promises to neutraliz...