At work on a Saturday, reflecting on the fact that when things here are at their busiest, I probably have most to say on the blog, but don't say it for two reasons. After an entire day processing words and staring at a screen, the last thing I want to do is more of the same. And then there is the question of what I might say about work. Nothing negative, no sirree, we're not that kind of place.

Right now, though, I'm waiting for a DVD to burn 1 and whereas I could possibly do some useful paper-shuffling, I chose not to. Instead, I decided to upgrade another blog I maintain, using a different tool. Alas, total failure. Everything went haywire. But panic not, I carefully took a backup before I started to mess. So I'll just back away from the mess and restore from the backup. Even bigger mess. Not merely screwed up formatting: an entire absence of content. I need better brains than mine to sort this out, which means waiting till Monday. Ho hum

DVDs burned. Off home.

  1. How quaint is that? Plus ça change, and all that. 

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