Hold the front page! Genetically modified canola (rapeseed to less sensitive souls) has been "found growing in North Dakota". According to Nature not one but two types -- one from Monsanto and one from Bayer -- were found "at large distances from areas of agricultural production". Better yet, researchers discovered some plants that carried both Monsanto's and Bayer's weedkiller resistance genes. Hurrah for sex. There's a lot more guff in the article about unprecendented escapes, ecological consequences, ineffective regulation, lack of monitoring, blah, blah, blah.

Why is anyone in the least bit surprised?

Yellow margins along the roads have long been a familiar sight in much of the UK, often far from where the rapeseed is grown. The reason is simple. Rapeseeds are small. They are moved about in giant lorries. The lorries are not sealed. So some seed spills on the ground. And grows. And multiplies. And thrives. But it isn't GM, so nobody cares much.

I'm frankly astounded that rape took so long to get a hold in North Dakota. Of course, what we really need is Terminator Technology, to prevent GM seeds even germinating, let alone having sex and spreading. But that's GM, so it is evil.

I'm quietly sniggering here, and thinking of reworking the Parable of the Mustard Seed for a modern audience.

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