2022-04-27: Just for fun, and because today is a busy day, I have not gone out of my way to find any of the links that were not there on first attempt. I leave that as an exercise for the reader. Good to know that some, at least, do remain.

Tangled Bank 52 is up over at The Inoculated Mind, and it is a labour of love. Karl J. Mogel, the man with a hypodermic in his brain, has painstakingly crafted a [Star Wars Tangled Bank]http://www.inoculatedmind.com/?p=38, complete with awesome sound track. (Thank God he didn't make the text scroll.) As he says, “It helps if you tilt the screen back when you read it”. Even if you don’t, there’s some good stuff there.

I liked:

Of course it perpetuates a geeky stereotype, but who cares? I mean, surely that lovable fool Jar-Jar Binks wrote something in the past couple of weeks. (There may be good reasons for his omission.) Others, too, may be missing, but as a non-fan I wouldn’t know. And what can I say about being cast as Green Leader? It is an honour I do not deserve.

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