My Berkeley food ruminations took me to Carnival of the Green, and it is only right and proper that I welcome visitors from there. What did I discover of interest?

Adam, waxing lyrical about Australian Organic Blood Oranges. I know I’m spoilt, but the ones from Sicily that will be appearing in a few weeks are possibly even better. and there’s the lottery of produce that hasn’t been over-selected, that individual oranges will be good or not-so-good.

And then a very bizarre piece of seeming plagiarism at a site purporting to deliver Own Home Style.1 The post offers “The cultivation of vegetables” and is preceded by the following bizarre disclaimer:

Please note it is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any information, opinion or advice contained in the content below.

I did, I did, and it is ancient stuff lifted from any number of sources. I know recycling is green, but come on? This kind of crapola needs reducing. To zero.

  1. I'm not bothering to link to it for obvious reasons.  

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