Stormy Monday

“Everything is word of mouth,” said the Famous Writer, as I asked him for a recommendation. Which is a good reason to start something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Michael Asch has been presenting a series on CKUA Radio, in Canada (and everywhere else) built around the recordings his father Moe Asch made at Folkways Records. I can‘t now remember where I heard about it, but I subscribed to the podcasts and have been listening to them for a few weeks. Some of them are downright freaky, and not every track on every show is a gem, but there‘s usually at least one, often more, that send me scrabbling for a pen and paper.

Album cover, Feeling the BLues by Bob Kirkpatrick I thought I‘d share a track from time to time, not least to maybe send you on over to listen to the whole thing. I‘m linking here to the Smithsonian‘s site for the series, because CKUA‘s site is an unlinkable frame-based nightmare that is frankly pants. For a while there I toyed with the idea of saying something profound about the song, or how it moved me, or some history, but I think that‘ll just get in my way. It‘d be fun, though, for you to stick any of that stuff in the comments, if you like.

Anyway, this, from Program 12 Days of the Week, is as good a start as any. Enjoy: Stormy Monday by Bob Kirkpatrick, from the Folkways album Feeling the Blues.

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