I’m minded to collect, for a week, say, some of the comments that spammers leave on my web site in the faint hope that I’m feeble-minded enough not to spam them. The mystery abides ...

  • Comment: Not bad at all, but this topic is rather little of interest. Please do not disappoint your readership.
  • Comment: I have bookmarked this informativ site. Thanks
  • Comment: My boyfriend and I want to go on a awesome trip soon. We were looking for advice. Anyone have any fantastic spots? A way to save some dough would be nice too. Vacationing is expensive these days.
  • Comment: didnt help
  • Comment: Today has found a new site with videoclips, I of such video did not look yet, I advise, it is pleasant to you, look.

But then it dried up, a bit. So I checked search strings and Lo! there was homo porno, from Turkey! You bad person. And why was someone looking for “Satan penes”?

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