Just a quick follow up on Reading, coding and commenting.

I used the twigfeeds plugin to bring in a feed of my links on Reading.am to the sidebar here. Chris Aldrich pointed out that when I use Reading.am as a way to read something again, it helpfully inserts because of Jeremy Cherfas at the end of the RSS entry. And if I can filter one piece of fluff out with a regex, I can do it for two. Here, then, is the code snippet for sidebar.html.twig with the final filter. Obviously, you would change it to suit your own needs.

<div class="sidebar-content">

{% for name, feed in twig_feeds if name == 'Reading' %}
    {% for item in feed.items %}
            <a href="{{ item.url }}">{{ item.title | regex_replace(['/Jeremy Cherfas is reading /', '/ because of Jeremy Cherfas/'],['','']) }}</a>
              <time>{{ item.date.date|nicetime(false) }}</time>

    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}


Maybe someone will find this useful.

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