Unable to build a GUI in Python

It’s not the tutorial, it’s me

Good tutorials are worth their weight in gold, and some of the best, for me, come from Programming Historian, even though I am not an actual historian. A new one promised to show me how to create GUIs in Python, which I definitely could use. Alas, I fell at the first. The tutorial clearly warns that PyQt5 would not easily be installed on my machine, which has an M1 chip. That proved correct. Nothing daunted, I tried to install PyQt6 instead, and that worked a treat, except that …

When it came time to run the program, the line self.setDragDropMode(QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.InternalMove) resulted in AttributeError: type object 'QAbstractItemView' has no attribute 'InternalMove'. This is absolutely true, as I confirmed with dir(QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView), a trick I recently learned.

Presumably this is a change from PyQt5 but I am now, alas at the end of being able to fix. Casting around at the Qt documentation I found suggestions to try something like listWidget->setDragDropMode(QAbstractItemView::InternalMove); but a straightforward substitution in my code just gave a syntax error. I snooped around a bit, and I think that the key change is something to do with enums and classes, but I haven't got any further than that.

I will keep looking, and in the meanwhile the other big issue is that I'm not sure how to give any kind of feedback to Programming Historian. I can see the page on GitHub but, probably because I have not done this before, I cannot see how to raise an issue specific to that page. I'll send an email instead, which is actually Option 1 offered for feedback.

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