I’m not a big fan of Über-blogger Seth Godin. Nor do I dislike him. I just don’t visit very often. But when I saw a post entitled Time to quit? had become popular on del.icio.us, I decided to take a peek. (Which may say something about my state of mind, but that’s another discussion.) Anyway, in among what may or may not be good advice to quit a job in order to reinvent yourself, I came across this little gem:

Let’s look at it from the perspective of evolution: Species that evolve the fastest are the ones that don’t mate for life. By switching mates, swapping genes with someone new, you continually reshuffle the gene pool, making it more likely you’ll create something new and neat and novel and useful.

It is hard to begin to know where to correct this little gem. So I won’t bother. Let's just say that even apparently smart, informed people sometimes make asses of themselves when they venture into territory they don’t really understand.

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