The golden rice story is becoming tiresome. Given an acceptable standard of living, Vitamin A can be obtained simply from consumers own vegetables. The quantity of Golden Rice necessary for a child to ingest to gain the daily Vitamin requirement would feed the entire family.

The WHO report on food biotechnologies and developing countries is getting a lot of coverage.1 As I've always said, a pox on both their houses. But at least there are one or two sane voices out there, like that of Dr Robert Anderson, who I have taken the liberty of quoting above.

To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

That's the mission statement of a not-so-well-known major global foods industry player. I could hardly believe it. Do they? From a weirdly focused blog: Man on a mission. (Alas, long dead, but preserved.)

  1. 29 March 2018: No sign of it any more. Nor of the letter to the BMJ I quoted. I guess it wasn't that important ...  

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