Sense about Science has replied to my querulous email (blogged here) asking about the possible effects of fermented foods on the immune system and about their different-premises use of the word “chemical”. I reproduce the relevant parts in full:

Our Celebrities and Science review is a light hearted publication we do every year, looking at some things people in the public eye have said, and asking scientists to respond showing where the science is good or bad. Dr Lock was responding to specific misconceptions behind Olivia’s quote, and addressing more generally the idea that as long as you are fit and healthy, your body processes cannot and do not need to be improved.

We also continuously find that there are many misconceptions surrounding chemicals. The associations people make between the terms ‘chemical’ and ‘synthetic’ or ‘unnatural’ are precisely what we have tried to address in publications such as our Making Sense of Chemicals guide. The success of this guide has shown us that this insight is one the public finds useful, so we were pleased to include it in our celebrities review this year.

I’m reassured. And I did manage to squeeze two posts out of a non-event. So win-win all round, I’d say.

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