Having decided seriously to jump the Quicken ship, I downloaded trial versions of four of my five original contenders (cutting out Money because it didn't obviously do anything about split transactions, which are a must). First impressions:

iBank is slick, possibly too slick for its own good. Even though it is more expensive than the others, it is a definite contender, despite its awful interruptions exhorting me to Buy! Now! That smacks of desperation.

iFinance is just plain ugly, has fields ("Title") that are empty and meaningless, and doesn't save the data, which makes its "free trial" more or less useless.

Moneydance looks rather good. The interface is clean and so are the graphs and reports. I'm a little leery of its ability to customize reports, and of the fact that on one imported set of data it completely borked the Categories. Could well give iBank a run for its money.

MyMoney refused to import my QIF file. If that's a "feature" of the trial download, it just got bounced off the list. If it isn't, MyMoney still got bounced off the list for being unintuitive.

Looks like the fight is between iBank and Moneydance and right now Moneydance is ahead on points.

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