Eats Wombats, who seems to be avoiding my post on his name, has instead chosen to encourage me to blog Strange Things About This Country.1 I’m flattered, but there’s already quite enough blogging by foreigners on the quaint ways of Italy and they’re easy enough to find. Besides, once you’ve dealt with the driving, the parking, the pedestrians, officialdom, food, cooking, men who pluck their eyebrows, women, nuns, religion, pastries, dialect, coffee, menefregismo, the forces of law and order, xenophobia, dogs, garbage, crime, vafanculismo, “foreign” food, style, shop assistants, trains and so on, well, there’d be nothing left to say.

I have had my series of Scenes From Roman Life, last heard of at No. 16.2 But I think I put myself in the wrong sort of strait-jacket there, which is why I haven’t done it since September. I’ll just have to try and loosen up and, without developing an entirely new strand, put more into SFRL.

  1. 2022-01-22 I guess in a comment; one loss with all the changes over the years is that comments vanished. 

  2. Which reminds me, that palm has sprouted. Must blog it.  

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