6 October 2016: Putting this up purely for historical larfs. For me, del.icio.us went the way of all "free" services. I'm now a much happier camper paying for Pinboard.

I have taken the plunge and dived into del.icio.us. The problem was access to bookmarks. I have two desktop machines and a laptop, and keeping all my bookmarks synchronized among them was proving to be impossible. I didn't fancy using my .Mac account. Then something, I can't remember what, prompted me to look at del.icio.us, which I had heard of but never investigated, and now I'm hooked. The joy goes way beyond having bookmarks available from any machine; that is possible with a variety of other services. It is the social part that sings. Every bookmark I add, I can see who else has added it. and then I can check their lists. And invariably find something interesting. There are way too many users, and I'm too new to have identified people with similar tastes and interests, but that's probably just a matter of time. Now I need to work on a way to display the RSS feed of my links here. I got it working, but it doesn't look very nice yet, so I'm keeping it under wraps for now.

Hah! That wasn't too hard. See right---> (Sic)

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